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How To Care For Your Braces

Beautiful Smiles Start With Well Cared For Braces
Getting braces can be a life altering experience. The end product is a beautiful smile and straight teeth. However, in the few years that you wear braces, proper care is so important. This care ranges from proper brushing and flossing techniques, to knowing which foods you can and cannot eat and how to correctly use your rubber bands. As the premier Squamish orthodontist, we would like to offer you the following tips to help you care for your braces.

Proper Brushing Technique
When brushing with braces, it is important to use a soft bristle brush. A soft bristle brush will keep your gums healthy and it will not remove any of the resin that keeps your braces in place. Your choice of toothpaste is not nearly as important as the type of brush you use. Make sure to brush in a small circular pattern. This will ensure that you remove all food particles in your braces and wires. You may have to change the angle of your brush multiple times to make sure you have brushed all areas of your mouth. Make sure to brush our teeth four times daily, once after each meal and before bed to remove all food particles and to make sure no acid begins to build up under or around the braces.

Proper Flossing Technique
Proper flossing is just as important as brushing. Flossing will help you remove any plaque and food build up around your braces that brushing just cannot get to. You will need a floss threader to properly floss with braces. Make sure to floss around each brace and the wires as well as your teeth. You will want to floss daily at bed time while you are wearing your braces.

Foods to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are certain foods that you will want to limit or avoid with braces. You will want to avoid any type of sticky food such as gum or caramel as they will only get stuck in your braces. Hard foods such as ice and nuts should also be avoided as they can break brace wires or loosen the braces. Sugary foods should also be limited because they can quickly lead to tooth decay and cavities, especially in the harder to reach areas around your braces.

Rubber Bands
Finally, rubber bands are an essential part to braces. Most brace wearers will need to wear elastic bands around their braces as they near the end of their brace treatment. This helps with the realignment of your teeth. It is important to wear these bands day and night as it is an essential step in making your top and bottom teeth line up properly. If you break a band or lose one, quickly replace the rubber band as soon as possible and carry on with wearing them. Your orthodontist will gauge your progress.

These guidelines will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy over the course of your braces. Make sure to properly brush and floss your teeth to ensure that beautiful smile. If you need more information, we are happy to chat with you further about your dental needs.