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Vacationing with Braces

Thai womanwith a big smile laying on the grass

Thai womanwith a big smile laying on the grassAlthough a daily routine of brace care is an important part of the overall experience, it is quite unrealistic to expect that you will be able to keep up this routine for the entire duration of your treatment.

Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes your brace care may have to take a backseat.  This is especially true when it comes to holidays and vacations.  As the premier orthodontist in Squamish, I would like to offer you the following guidelines of vacationing with braces.

Bringing the Essentials

Even though you are finally going on that dream vacation, you still need to be somewhat responsible and not totally neglect your daily brace care routine.  When you are busy packing your usual toiletries, make sure to pack the following items for your braces:

  • Toothpick or floss pick
  • Travel toothbrush – use a soft bristled brush
  • Mouth rinse or a water bottle
  • Orthodontic wax to cover any protruding wires that may occur over the course of the holiday
  • A small hand held mirror that you can use to examine any potential brace related problems


If you have any questions about what to pack in your brace kit, or how to care for your braces while on vacation, please contact me today.

If you are on vacation and a problem with your braces does arise, I recommend contacting my office as soon as possible so that we can troubleshoot the problem together.

Foods to Avoid

Unfortunately, even though you are on a holiday, some of the same food rules still apply, here is a refresher of foods to avoid while on the road:

  • Chewy or gummy food
  • Corn on the cob
  • Hard candies or cookies
  • Nuts and chips

I suggest avoiding these and other unfriendly foods to prevent a broken bracket or broken or damaged wire.  Either of these unpleasant situations can seriously dampen even the best vacation.

Keep Clean

Regardless of whether you are on vacation or not, hygiene is an important part of your total brace care.  This is especially true if you are using a retainer or Invisalign braces.  It is important that you keep your retainer container or Invisalign trays clean and know where they are at all times.

You do not want to get into the bad habit of not wearing your retainer while on vacation because you cannot find it or it is dirty.  The same guidelines apply to Invisalign braces because each tray is so important for the overall brace process.

Holidays are always an exciting opportunity to break from the norm and get out and experience new places and cultures; However, proper brace care is still important and must be maintained, even while on vacation.

Enjoy your vacation!