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The Essential Braces Kit

In order for your braces to be effective and give you that perfect smile, you will need to take care of them and your teeth.  A proper oral hygiene routine needs to be adhered to – at home or on the go.  Here are some ideas to build your essential braces cleaning kit.

The Perfect Braces Kit

When preparing your kit, you will want to include the basics for proper dental hygiene.  This includes:

  • A toothbrush. Don’t forget to include a toothbrush cover to keep your toothbrush clean and undamaged.  Remember to replace your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles start to flair out.  Always use a soft or ultra soft bristle to prevent damage to the enamel or braces.
  • Choose your favorite type in a convenient travel size.  Fluoridated toothpastes are recommended because they have been proven to help prevent cavities.
  • Dental floss, floss threaders, and sulca brushes. It is important to remove any food from the braces to minimize tooth decay and plaque build-up.  Floss threaders and superfloss will get the dental floss into hard to reach places such as under the wires and between the teeth.  Waxed floss often works better than unwaxed floss because it doesn’t get shredded or get stuck in your braces.  A sulca brush is like a tiny toothbrush that can get in the tight spots where a regular toothbrush is too big.


  • Dental wax. This is a very helpful item in your kit.  A broken or damaged wire or bracket will irritate your gum, cheek, or lips.  Make sure that you have enough wax to create a cushion between your brace and the rest of your mouth until you can make an appointment to get it fixed.
  • Tylenol or Advil. You will want a type of pain relief available, especially after getting your braces adjusted, to relieve any discomfort.
  • Tissues or Kleenex. They will dry any area so the wax stays on better.
  • A bottle of water. If you need to rinse your mouth out or brush your teeth after a meal, a bottle of water is a must.  Water will also help loosen any unwanted food particles stuck between your braces and teeth.
  • Lip balm. This will keep your lips hydrated and to prevent chapping or cracking.

This emergency braces kit will allow you to adhere to your orthodontic hygiene routine, even when you are not at home.  Keep in mind the better care you take of your braces, the happier you are going to be with the final product – a beautiful and straight set of teeth.  If you would like more information about what to pack in your braces kit or are interested in finding out more about the various orthodontic treatment we offer, please contact us today.  We look forward to working with you soon.