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How to Enjoy the Summer with Braces

Summer is finally here. That means no more school, long lazy days, hot weather and delicious barbecues and picnics.  Even with braces there is no downside to this sunny season.  If you are dreading summer barbeques because you have braces then this blog is for you.  Here are some excellent ways to enjoy all that summer has to offer while keeping your new smile on track.

Summer Foods to Avoid

For the most part your summer food favorites are brace-friendly.  You can enjoy all the potato salad and steak that you want.  The real culprit of any summer get-together is corn on the cob.  Try to avoid corn on the cob because it is extremely tough on braces, brackets and brace wires.  The last thing that you want is an emergency trip to your orthodontist because of an oversight at your family picnic.  If you really need to have corn, cut it off the cob and enjoy.

Stick to a Schedule

Just because it is summer and you can put “Relax” on almost every single schedule, this does not apply to your daily brace and dental hygiene one.  Your teeth still need to be brushed and flossed to keep the food particles out of your brackets and prevent plaque and other harmful bacteria from growing and cavities from forming.

Even though it is summer you still need to keep your orthodontist appointments, so be sure to schedule them around your holidays.

Protect your Mouth

One of the best things about summer is the activities that are available – from soccer to softball there is always something to do.  If you are going to be playing sports this summer it is a wise to invest in a mouth guard.  You want to avoid damaging your braces as it cannot only be an inconvenience and painful, it may cause your braces to be on longer.

Curb your Sweet Tooth

Summer is also a time of sweets, from popsicles to ice cream the temptations are endless.  Although It may seem impossible it is a good idea to skip the sweets.  If this is not an option, be sure to rinse well with water.   The high sugar content of various sweets can destroy tooth enamel and lead to cavities.

By avoiding certain foods and sticking to a healthy summer routine you should be able to enjoy the good times associated with summer while avoiding problems with your braces.  If you would like to see if braces are right for you please stop by today.  I look forward to seeing you soon.