Brace Friendly Snacks

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whistler orthodontist

Three scoops of raspberry ice cream with fresh raspberries, red currants and blue berries

Braces can really limit what type of food and snacks you can choose from. By now I am sure that you have read or heard about all of the foods that are off limits to those with braces. You can’t eat sticky foods because they will get caught in your braces, you can’t eat crunchy food because they may damage your wires. It seems that no matter what category of food you choose, it is severely restricted because of how it will affect your braces. This is not just another list about snacks you can’t have, instead, this is a list of brace friendly snack foods brought to you by your friendly Squamish orthodontist. So get ready to indulge!


Usually, sweets are one of the worst offenders when it comes to brace friendly foods. There is hope for all of you with a real sweet tooth, however. Pudding is a great way to satisfy your sweet cravings and it will not damage your braces. Pudding comes in many great flavours as well as sugar free and even offers a caramel option that will not stick to your braces. It is the perfect sweet snack for anyone with braces.

If pudding doesn’t sound all that appealing, yogurt and ice cream are also great brace friendly options to help satisfy your sweet tooth. Just make sure that they do not contain nuts.

Crunchy and Salty

If sweets are not your thing, never fear, there are also great brace friendly snacks that will satisfy those crunchy and salty cravings. Walnuts, although nuts are softer than many of their counterparts and offer a great snacking option for people with braces. Some of the cheese crackers available at your local grocery store will also help satisfy that salty and crunchy craving. Make sure that they are bite sized and allow your cracker to dissolve slightly before crunching it up.

Another great option to satisfy these cravings are some of the soft granola bars. Although they may not be very crunchy, you can find an assortment of different flavours with different textures. Again, make sure they do not contain any type of nut other than walnuts.


Perhaps healthy snacks are not the most appealing on this list, but there are healthy snack options available if you want them. Fruits are great snack options for those with braces, just make sure that they are soft and have been cut up. An apple for example will need to be cut before you can enjoy it. A fruit cocktail is a great healthy snack alternative that can be enjoyed by anyone with braces. You may want to avoid any fruit packed in syrup as they tend to be very high in sugar.

These are a few great snack options available to anyone with braces. For more information about what foods are brace friendly, please stop by my office today. I look forward to seeing you soon!