Got Braces? – Why Rubber Bands are your Friend

Believe it or not, those tiny rubber bands that you put on the braces serve a purpose. And a very important purpose at that! They are an integral part of wearing braces and must be worn consistently and correctly to realign your teeth and correct your bite.

I would like to share some key facts about why you need to wear the little rubber bands and how they will not only accelerate your treatment, but also make the overall brace experience far more effective and maximize the results.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Each time you visit your orthodontist, your braces are realigned and new pressure is applied. The elastics that you are expected to wear will also change over the course of your treatment. Each individual elastic comes in different thicknesses and sizes, depending upon the job they are expected to do.

Here’s the Deal:

The practicality and incredible efficiency of elastics are the reason that orthodontists use these elastic bands.

How often do I need to wear them?

I get this question quite often and the only answer I can give is: it depends on each patient and circumstance. As previously mentioned, elastics do a wide range of jobs and are an extremely versatile tool for an orthodontist.

Here are some general guidelines for your day to day elastic use:

  • Always follow the pattern we have given you.
  • Make sure to change your elastics every 3-4 hours and at least every 12 hours because they lose elasticity over time.
  • Make sure to use the proper elastics and see that they are properly attached to the brace bracket – use a mirror if necessary.
  • If you run out of elastics – stop in to pick up some more.
  • Only double up your elastics if we have instructed you to do so.

It is important that you wear your elastics diligently because without constant pressure, your teeth or bite will not move into proper alignment.


These are only generalities and each orthodontic case is specific and unique. I will be happy to discuss your overall treatment plan and how elastics help in achieving your best smile.