Top 10 Foods to Avoid with Braces

For a lot of teenagers and some adults, having braces is just a part of life. If you want that perfectly straight set of teeth and that dazzling smile, braces are a small price to pay. However, braces also mean that certain foods should be avoided as they can cause all types problems for not only your braces but also your teeth. Here are the top ten foods to avoid if you have braces.

Gum can get stuck in between your braces and wires and will ultimately have to be picked out as even your toothbrush will not dislodge the gum from your braces.

It is not the popcorn per se that is the problem it is the husks or the hulls of the popcorn that will cause the most problems. If you can find husk-less popcorn, indulge in this light snack, if not, avoid it until you are braceless.

Sticky Candy
Similar to gum, sticky candy can really make a mess of your braces. It can also damage the wires on your braces. Avoid at all costs.

Corn Chips
Corn chips can break off and get lodged between your wires and teeth or can get stuck in between your molars. If you can, wait until you have your braces removed before you indulge in your next Dorito.

There is nothing wrong with sucking on an ice cube. If, however, you enjoy crunching up your ice, don’t. Ice can break your wires and even dislodge a brace from a tooth because of how hard it is.

Nuts can also damage braces and wires because they are crunchy and can get caught between the wires and your back teeth.

Hard Cookies
Again the hardness of the cookie should dictate whether you can or cannot eat it with braces on. If it doesn’t bend, give it a miss.

Corn on the Cob
Corn is fine; corn on the cob is not. Biting into the cob may cause your braces to come loose or dislodge. Even if this is not the case, have a look in the mirror once you have eaten a bite or two of corn off the cob.

Biting into an apple can pose huge problems for people with braces. If you want to enjoy an apple, cut it up first.

Beef Jerky
Unfortunately your braces will not stand a chance against this rubbery, chewy treat. Wait until after your braces to enjoy beef jerky again.

After reading this list, it may seem like there are no foods that you can eat. That is not the case. Most people with braces enjoy a varied diet with few restrictions. If you have any questions or are unsure if you should or should not eat a particular food, please feel free to contact us at Mountain Orthodontics. We are the premier Squamish orthodontist and look forward to answering any and all of your brace related questions.